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Robinson Farm

Raymond & Pamela Robinson
42 Jackson Road • PO Box 94
Hardwick, MA 01037
(413) 477-6988 (home/office)

Baystate Organic Certifiers - Certified Organic

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American Cheese Society winner

Artisanal Raw Milk Cheese

Winner – 2017 Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition **
Winner – 2016 Big E Gold Competition *
Winner – 2013 American Cheese Society Competition *
Winner – 2012 American Cheese Society Competition *
Winners – 2012 Big E Gold Cheese Competition **

 cheeseRay RobinsonIn 2006, we began our journey and dream to make artisanal raw milk cheese using our own grass fed organic cow’s milk. Four years later, and after lots of education, research, planning, jumping through the regulatory hoops and practicing our cheese making skills, our dream became a reality!

Ray is our primary cheese maker; he brings his love of cheese to the “plate” and those basic chemistry skills that make it all work, and his nose for the “right” smell in the aging rooms. Pamela is the primary contact for marketing, sales and general farm administration.

We currently have four unique farmstead cheeses: Tekenink Tomme, Arpeggio, Prescott and A Barndance. All our artisanal cheeses are washed rind, aged at least 120 days (except Arpeggio), made with raw whole milk, and hard or semi-hard in nature. Farmstead cheese from grass fed cows will have slight seasonal variations in flavor and texture, while still reflecting the terroir of the rolling hills of Hardwick.

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Prescott* ACS Winner 2013  ** 2012 Gold Medal
A dense, complex, Alpine style cheese with a mosaic of nutty notes
and a slight saline finish. Aged 9-12 months

Tekenink Tomme** (tee-key-neek tum) 2011 Gold Medal, 2012 Bronze Medal
Rustic, pungent, slightly saline, creamy. Our sharpest cheese. Aged 7-10 months

A Barndance* ACS Winner 2012  ** 2011 Gold Medal
A hard Alpine style cheese; subtle, yet with significant presence, fruity and nutty. An excellent melting cheese. Aged 8-12 months

Arpeggio (är-'pe-jē-ō)** 2017 Gold Medal
2016 Bronze Medal
In music, Arpeggio means playing all the notes of a chord in rapid succession. We liken our Arpeggio to savoring the aroma and flavor notes of the terroir in one bite. Hybrid Washed/Bloomy rind. Strong aroma, beautiful finish, soft, spreadable cheese. Aged 2-4 months